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Photo: Double success: the winning cadet and junior girls' teams from Romania in Istanbul.

The Youth European championships in 2010 are dominated by the players of the TIBHAR family: Immediately 10 out of 14 possible titles in Istanbul (Turkey) go to players and female players who trust in the high-class brand from Germany.
In the team competitions the Rumanians stand with the girls and cadet girls completely on top on the podium. The French prove with their male youth players once more their supremacy, while they secure the titles with the boys and cadet boys to themselves.
Both nations can count now for many years on the support of the traditional enterprise from Saarbrucken.

The most successful participants are Tristan Flore and Bernadette Szocs to whom both go the team titles, while they each win two more competitions.
A gold medal is taken home from the Bosporus by the Slovak player, Barbora Balzova and Leonardo Mutti from Italy.

Then the success for the TIBHAR teams also continues with the table tennis European Championships in Ostrava (Czech Republic) two months later:
Here are confronted in the ladies team’s final Romania and Holland, match clearly dominated by the Dutch women.

all about the Aurus series

all about the Aurus series

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