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The future starts now!

The waiting has an end – the new TIBHAR website is finally online! Celebrate with us and show us what makes you a real member of the TIBHAR family. Send us your best picture or video on the subject „The TIBHAR family“ and show us that you belong to it!

In that video or picture, it is important to put the focus on your TIBHAR identity and passion in your creativity. Other than that, no borders are put to your imagination – feel free to interpret what table tennis really represents for you! Let us go on:

Step 1: Make the best photo or video the world has even seen.

Step 2: Become a fan of the Facebook page of TIBHAR (condition for participating!).

Step 3: Send a personal message to TIBHAR GmbH on their Facebook page including your photo or video (maximum 30 seconds). Please do not forget to mention your full name, address and e-mail contact.

Step 4: Cross fingers!

The Jury consists of our three TIBHAR stars Vladimir Samsonov, Paul Drinkhall and Chen Chien-An. All three of them are already happy members of the TIBHAR family and value your contributions in view of creativity, quality and of course the relation to TIBHAR.

The first prize is a TIBHAR table Smash 28, with the original signatures of all the jury members (watch the video here). In addition, the second-best and third-best works will get fantastic prizes too!

You have a bit more than one-month time, because the deadline for participating is December 1st 2015.

Conditions for participating:


Prize 1: 1 x TIBHAR table Smash 28 with the original signatures of Vladimir Samsonov, Paul Drinkhall and Chen Cien-An

Prize 2: 1 x 6-rubber-pack of TIBHAR Evolution rubbers of your own choice

Prize 3: 1 x TIBHAR rubber Quantum or Quantum S

The prizes are sent to the winners before December 24th 2015.


The Jury consists of our TIBHAR sponsored players Vladimir Samsonov, Paul Drinkhall und Chen Cien-An.

The game contest starts on October 28th 2015 and ends on December 1st 2015 at 24h00 (12h00 PM). Unfortunately, the pictures/videos submitted at the end of this term, cannot be part of the assessment. The contest is open to everybody who, at the day of the participation, has completed 15 years of age.

The condition for participating is to register as a fan on the TIBHAR Facebook page (press the button „like“ on the Facebook page) and send a private message with your post to TIBHAR GmbH on the TIBHAR Facebook page. Your participation is fully validated once you have indicated your full name, address and email address.

The Jury determines the winners upon completion of this contest and notifies them in writing by e-mail. The prizes are not transferable to a third party. A cash payment of the prizes is excluded.

We reserve ourselves the right to disqualify and exclude participants from the contest, if they manipulate or try to manipulate the participation process, the system and/ or the contest and/ or offend the participation conditions or offend against good manners and/ or in an unfair or dishonest way try to influence the contest. Pictures/videos with pornographic, violent, illegal contents and/or pictures/videos that offend third, in particular ethnic or religious minorities are excluded from the contest.

The participant to this contest cedes to TIBHAR GmbH the nonexclusive, transferable, temporally and spatially unlimited rights to use his videos/pictures, completely or in parts, for all types of use in physical and nonphysical form, and in particular the rights of publication, of duplication and of distribution in all electronic and non electronic media. The transfer of rights is voluntary.

With his participation, the participant confirms that he is the author of the submitted videos/pictures and thus fully disposes of the rights to use these videos/pictures. Furthermore, he agrees that the videos/pictures submitted by him are free of third party rights and in particular, that the identifiable people on these videos/pictures agree with the above mentioned rights and that the use of these videos/pictures do not violate third party rights. The participant agrees that his name is mentioned as the author of these videos/pictures.

Employees of the TIBHAR GmbH and their relatives can participate but are not entitled to get a winning prize.

The legal way is excluded.

The competition has no connection to Facebook, and is not sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook in any way.

TIBHAR Tibor Harangozo GmbH is the organizer of the competition for which the terms of the general privacy policy of TIBHAR Tibor Harangozo GmbH are effective.

all about the Aurus series

all about the Aurus series

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Check out our new catalogue