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Europe Youth Top-10

From October 4th to October 6th, the Europe Youth Top-10 took place in Noordwijk (NED).

In „Under-15“ and „Under-18 competition“, 10 female and 10 male players started with the goal to win the gold medal. The game mode was everybody against everybody, so no K.O system was played.

In the “Under-15 girls” competition, TIBHAR family-members Hana Arapovic (CRO), Annett Kaufmann (GER) and Naomi Pranjkovic (GER) fought for the medals.
Annett Kaufmann was the player with the best result by winning the silver medal with a record of 6:2. Just Hana Arapovic and the eventual winner Elena Zaharia were able to beat Kaufmann. Arapovic and Pranjkovic also were able to archive good results. Arapovic finished on the fourth, Pranjkovic on the seventh place.

In the “Under-18 girls” competition two more TIBHAR-players stated.

Tanja Plaian (ROU) won the golden medal with a 7:2 record. Also, Germanys Annett Schreider played a good tournament with a decent 6:4 record and secured herself the fourth place.

Mike Hollo (GER) also had good tournament. With a 5:4 record, he finished on the seventh place of “Under-15 boys” competition. Winner in his category was Darius Moveileanu (ROU).

At “Under-18 boys” competition, Kay Stumper was able to reach the first place and with it the golden medal. The most important part for him was the victory over Samuel Kulczycji (POL). Both finished with a 7:2 record, but due to his win, Stumper ended up in front. Also Belgium player Olav Kosolsky reached a positive record (5:4) and the 6th place in the tournament.

Congratulations to all the players for the great tournament and the medals.

Evolution MX-P50 – jetzt erhältlich

Evolution MX-P50 – jetzt erhältlich

News-Broschüre 2020/2021

News-Broschüre 2020/2021