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Results of the Team European Championships in Nantes

The Team European Championships held in Nantes ended on 8 September 2019 on a very positive note for the TIBHAR family.

The women’s teams of the Table Tennis Federations of France, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania managed their way through the quarter finals.
After the draw the following pairs were constituted: Romania – France and Poland – The Netherlands. In the first TIBHAR duel, Romania won easily 3:0 against France and eliminated the host country. Poland secured their place for the semi-finals by beating The Netherlands.

Romania was definitely too strong and defeated easily Poland on a score of 3:1. In the finals they surprisingly met against the women’s team from Portugal. For the second time after 2017, the Romanian team with Bernadette Szöcs won the European title. Bernadette Szöcs remained unbeaten in all her single matches.

In the men’s competitions, Slovenia, Poland and the host country France managed their way through the quarter finals.

Two TIBHAR Federations met against one another: France – Poland. In the starting exchanges, Poland surprisingly took the advantage with a score of 2:0. Still the host country did not give up and threw their last forces into the match. At 2:2 Emmanuel Lebesson won through his single match and brought the victory to his team.

France met against Germany, the title holder, in the semi-finals in front of approximately 3500 spectators and fans. The French players did not manage to beat the reigning European Champion although they had the public with them. However the “Equipe tricolore” can be very proud of their more than honorable bronze medal.

We congratulate very heartily our TIBHAR Federations and TIBHAR players for their great successes!

Evolution MX-P50 – jetzt erhältlich

Evolution MX-P50 – jetzt erhältlich

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Der Katalog 2019/2020