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Russia: persuasive TIBHAR youngsters! FRANCE wins bronze.

At the beginning of the individuals the two TIBHAR future hopes, Cédric Nuytinck (Belgium) and Tomas Polansky (Czech Republic) draw the focus on them: after the qualification round, Cédric met the German main medal candidate, Patrick Baum, in the first main round.
With 4 0 (!!!), the Belgian national was able to prevail against the top favorite and achieved for the first time in his career, the round of the best 32 players in Europe.
The only 17-year old Czech Polansky is also “underdog” in his first-round game. His adversary, Fegerl (Austria), won gold only a few days earlier in the team competitions with his Austrian team.
This is precisely why the European youth hope can be proud at the end of his 4:2 victory against the number 2 of the Alpine republic. For Tomas, reaching the second round is a huge performance.

Unfortunately, the second round was the end of the tournament for table tennis legend Vladimir Samsonov. After a bronze medal with his Belorussian team, a minor injury prevented him from winning more.
Like Vladi, another TIBHAR player, the Polish Li Qian, won bronze. Together with her partner Li Jie (Netherlands) they reached the semifinals and secured a 3rd place on the podium.
Other winning women teams are Romania and Ukraine. These two TIBHAR sponsored national teams realized a great performance in the semifinals, with at the end Romania’s defeat against top favorite Germany. Romania wins silver, Ukraine bronze.
In the men team competitions, France loses against the team from Germany in the semifinals. Bronze also goes to the “Grande Nation” with TIBHAR stars Lebesson and Flore.

Grass D.TecS GS – jetzt erhältlich

Grass D.TecS GS – jetzt erhältlich

Der Katalog 2021 • 2022

Der Katalog 2021 • 2022